Michael DiGioia

Cuba 2000 Series - Photos from the Cuba2000 Project that have been in international exhibits and magazines. Also see the interactive cuba2000 project which contains an interactive map of Cuba, more photos and my journal from the trip

Chiapas - An interactive introduction to the situation in Chiapas, Mexico. It's from 1999 so it's a little dated, but still a good primer and includes many photos.

Courcheval 1850, Savoie, France - Random photos from the French Alps. Courchevel 1850 is part of the largest contiguous collection of ski resorts in the world.

Commercial Portraits - Images from various magazines of actors, musicians and other people that like to stand in front of a camera.

Video Ape - Video Ape The Famous Sidekick to the T.V. Sheriff.

Lonely Urban Landscapes - A collection of views from Atlanta, Georgia.

Rodan - Interior photographs of Rodan, the latest project from Thai Lagoon owner and former chef Maripa Abella.